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I see myself as a Creative Educator with a sincere passion for teaching learning. My approach to teaching is to involve the student in discovering their unique abilities and the expanse of their capacity to learn. I perceive teaching and learning as organic, meaning that both aspects of education are confined only by the limits that we place upon them. My attitude is therefore mostly intuitive.

I provide my students with well planned and resourced lessons that are linked to National Curriculum guidelines. Each student is initially assessed according to their school year group, from there I guide each student in acquiring sound subject skills that equip them with knowledge and confidence. Continual assessment is the tool I use to plan and provide relevant and interesting lessons.

I believe that children learn best when they are at ease, feel safe, comfortable and are liked. I like children and my lessons are for enjoyment as well as learning; without enjoyment education can be uninspiring. I aim to foster curiosity, encouraging each student to become curious about their own abilities, which actually are unlimited.